TASK Estimated times Rate Off-Site* Rate On-Site*
Basic PC installation (unpack, set-up, get rid of bloatware) 1 Hour $80
Advanced PC installation (unpack, set-up, get rid of bloatware, copy data (excluding itunes), install software (must have licenses)) 2+ Hour $160 $80/hr
Memory upgrade (plus cost of memory) 1 Hour $50 $80/hr
Hard drive installation (plus cost of hard drive) 1 Hour $80 $80/hr
Hard drive installation (copy old drive) (plus cost of hard drive) 2+ Hours $160 $80/hr
Install, or re-install Windows® XP/VISTA/SEVEN (must have licenses) or Linux 1 – 3 Hours (highly depends on machine speed) $160 $80/hr
Virus and/or adware removal 1+ Hours $80 $80/hr
Install software (each) 1 Hour $60 $80/hr
Setup printer, install drivers (1 computer) 1 Hour $80/hr
PC “Tune Up” (scan disk, defrag, system tweaks, physical cleaning, virus&adware scan) 1+ Hours $120 $80/hr
Miscellaneous 1+ Hours $80 to 200 $80/hr
Remote Support 1+ Hours $80/hr
Wireless setup in your home of office 1 Hour $80/hr
Backup your files 1 Hour $80 $80/hr
Diagnostic 1 Hour $45 $45
Estimate Free Free

*Cost is for labor only and excludes parts.

I will custom build a computer systems for you.  The cost is parts plus $150 to make it all work for each computer.  The cost of parts is an up-front charge.

All rates are subject to change without notice.

Diagnostic rate is $45 ($45 is applied towards labor cost for any connected repair)

Definition of Estimate Vs. Diagnostics


a. Providing a rough idea or rough calculation of the labor needed and a fair price to fix the concern of the customer.
b. A statement of the approximate cost of work to be done, such as a removing a virus or rebuilding a hard drive on a PC.


a. Performing technical work, and labor to provide a detailed estimate on repairing or fixing a problem with a PC.
b. Running programs, or performing task on a computer to help in diagnosing an error in a computer program, computer system, or device.